How to Participate in Round 1 and Round 2? Solster IDO Launchpad & Staking Testnet

How to add TSTRII Token to your Sollet wallet

The first thing you need to do is connect your wallet to the Sollet Testnet.

The Network can be toggled in the top right of the wallet.

Request an airdrop to receive Testnet $SOL.

Next, add a token with manual input of mint address:

Token Mint Address: BDA8RG21fmRmAS34coo3biZ3TtkQzJKB3zDfSJESJrRc

Token Name: Test STR II

Token Symbol: TSTRII

Click on ADD.

Copy Associated Token Metadata.

How to Whitelist for Round 1 and Round 2?

Now, please open and connect your Sollet wallet.

Please select your preferable round - Round 1 or Round 2, then apply for the whitelist.

Apply for Whitelist,

Token destination address: In 'Token Destination Address' paste the Associated Token Metadata address for the TSTRII mint, NOT the normal receive address.


Please review the complete process video,

Steps to add TSTRII Tokens to your Sollet wallet and Whitelist for Round 1 and Round 2.

Thats' it!

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