Solster Private Deal Allocation

Solster private deals allow STR holders to participate in early-stage crypto projects' seed and private rounds. Investors can buy into projects before they are released, providing funding to the project.


Solster provides a transparent platform for Private and seed investment by offering these highly sought-after opportunities to its token holders and reducing the minimum capital required.


In addition to selecting only the best projects, Solster Analytics performs all the due diligence needed to ensure investor confidence.

Ample Support

Solster is more than a Launchpad. We aim to provide the best guidance and help the project succeed.

A network of contacts and Solster's advisory team will assist the projects on all levels. To maximize a project's success and ensure investors succeed, we're here to provide advice, counsel, technical support, and introductions.

Community Members of the STR network have access to a telegram group where they can discuss deals with others. Eventually, we plan to make private deals possible. All private deals will incur a 7.5% platform fee.

Cross-chain In addition to Solana, BSC, Cardano, Polkadot, Algorand, Avalanche and Ethereum, we are open to other blockchains as well. Rather than restricting our research to just specific chains, we are actively working on cross-chain compatibility.

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