How to Receive Testnet Tokens

Steps to receive USDC on Testnet?

Testing on Testnet is helpful when integrating into the platform for trading, investing, staking, market making, or liquidations without risking valuable tokens.

The first thing you need to do is connect your wallet to the Testnet.

The Network can be toggled in the top right of the wallet.

Request an airdrop to receive Testnet $SOL.

Next, add a token with manual input of mint address:

Token Mint Address: 8iP2saN9PgAHnUJ1E1Y18S24vW9EAWFFDt4F5HDwciLW

Token Name: TestnetUSDC

Token Symbol: TUSDC

Click on ADD.

Copy Associated Token Metadata.

This is a Testnet USDC mint created by the Solster dev team.

Now, please open

Change the network from 'mainnet-beta' to 'testnet' from the top right dropdown.

Select, 'Token Airdrop'

Enter the amount of USDC you wish to receive in 'Amount'. There are 9 decimals on the mint, so an amount of 100000000000 will return 100 USDC in your wallet.

Token destination address: In 'Token Destination Address' paste the Associated Token Metadata address for the USDC mint, NOT the normal receive address.

Faucet Address: 67oAWZoyj3RLTJy283YmGrT8Dkgo8KJscu1jvTd4iQY4

Amount: 100000000000

Click 'Airdrop Tokens', approve the transaction in your wallet and your wallet will be funded with testnet USDC.

Not working?

If you're having problems approving the transaction, make sure you have no other browsers open and that popups are enabled.

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