Solster Public IDO - FAQ

Solster Public IDO FAQ
1) When is public IDO for Solster?
2) What is min allocation and what is vesting period for public round?
  • Min allocation: 200 USDC
  • Vesting Period: 30% tokens on 23rd September and 10% weekly thereafter.
3) Who can participate in Public IDO?
  • Anyone who whitelisted can participate in public round.
4) How can I do whitelisting?
5) Is there any KYC for public round?
  • NO. There is no KYC for public round.
6) When Solster will be listed on exchange and trading will start?
  • Solster will be listed at BITMART exchange with STR/USDT pair on 24th Sep 2021 10:00 AM (EDT), Decentralised exchange listing will be announced before 23rd Sep 2021.
7) When Airdop token will be distributed?
  • Airdrop token will be distributed between 23rd Sept to 24th Sept 2021.
8) When will whitelist close?
  • It will be closed on Friday, 17th September at 1:30 PM UTC.
9) Will you do token burn?
  • Yes, STR token burning will take effect at the end of the second quarter of 2022.
10.) What is listing price of $STR?
  • Listing price is depends on multiple parameters, but it will be $0.065 or more. Stay tuned for update.
11.) What currency will be accepted?
12.) Solster Comparision with Competitors
13) Solster Finance Project Overview.
What is Solster Finance?
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14.) $STR: A Launchpad Token With Unrivaled Utility