Existing IDO Launchpad Issues

Even if the multitude of platforms offer the freedom of decentralized listings, there are still many shortcomings with the current state of IDO launchpads projects.

  1. Unfair and Biased Fund Allocation System: Large capital ventures dominate the pre-seed rounds or private sales. They take up the biggest pie of the token supply, leaving back nothing for the public sale.

  2. Poor IDO Registration Process: The information on IDO projects is very limited. There’s no idea on where and how to start and make the project compatible for the targeted launchpad platform. There’s also a lack of IDO registration process.

  3. Highly Reliant on Luck System: Whitelist-based fund allocation system is basically based on the luck system. What happens here is people or even bots with fast connections fill in the form whenever it is available online. This essentially means tokens are supplied on first come first serve basis.

  4. Time Consuming Token Sale Process: Token sale can be time consuming. If you’re participating in it, you need to invest unnecessary time in checking it time and again. You need to devote a lot of time and bring changes to your schedule.

  5. Failed Means Loss: The process takes too much time and demands you to confirm the entries manually. You have to be on your toes without fail. And if you fail to do so, you may lose the token participation.

  6. Bots Taking Over the Investing: Fueling up the price and making everyone buy the token at a large premium is a big disadvantage of the current ecosystem. The bots sell into the ordinary investors who are even too slow to stand a competing chance.

  7. DEX UI Design Flaws: Many design elements are available on DEX that help pro-traders only. It makes conjugated designs and keeps it hard for new traders to operate the performance.

  8. Poor Customer Support: All the existing Launchpads are available in market has poor customer support system. Long wait times & sometime no response at all.

  9. High IDO Listing Fees: Unrealistic and hidden fees to launch IDO on Launchpad. The core project team cannot afford listing their projects.

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