The Current State of Project Launches on Solana

Solster IDO Launchpad presents a better option in a market with limited IDO launchpad options. It offers advanced features and hassle-free token sales.

Projects on Solana are no different than those launched on famous blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart chain. Across all the three blockchain, there persists a lack of fairness and decentralization, especially when it’s about fundraising of projects.

For the past six months, many Solana projects have grown with immense valuation, especially in short duration. The massive growth validates the demand for Solana based projects.

One of the aspects surrounding these projects is that all these projects were launched through FTX Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO’s).FTX is a top centralized exchange (CEX) backed by Alameda Research (a top quantitative hedge fund). It has been one of the main advocates of Solana blockchain.

Solana offers an alternative way for projects to fundraise allocations in a decentralized manner. It’s allocated to the audience outside of FTX.

There are many Solana blockchain based projects and the total numbers are increasing day by day. On the same side, only one Solana based IDO launchpad,, is available in the market.

Solster IDO Launchpad will be launched on Q3 2021 with advanced Launchpad features and hassle free token sale process.

Solster Launchpad differs from the top exchanges and chooses a different path altogether for projects to distribute their funds in a decentralized, fair & unbiased way.

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