Solster Launchpad

IDO Launchpad for Decentralized Fundraising

Conventional launchpads rely on first come and first clicks. Unlike them, our launchpad is fair and equitable for all and yet rewards token holders.

The Solster launchpad doesn’t have high financial barriers to get into the market. It also doesn’t have whitelist spots based on first form fillers.

The Solster launchpad fundraising will follow the trilogy system marked in three rounds. The system ensures guaranteed fund allocation to the participants based on the quality of Solster Tokens they own.

Take a look at our trilogy system for fund allocation:

Round 1:

This round will have

  • All token holders in the pool fulfilling the base requirements of staked STR tokens.

  • STR Token Holders can contribute based on

    • The staked quantity of STR tokens.

    • The weight of their pool.

    • KYC

  • Each fundraising would last over a six-hour period and will be allocated through an initial distribution offering (IDO) for new projects.

Round 2:

It is optional. This round will have

  • All token holders who have STR tokens in their wallets irrespective of staking

  • KYC

  • Whitelisting

All users will be allotted six hours to buy tokens. It’s the same time frame when they can contribute to the given IDO projects. All users will get confirmed allocation based on their eligibility.

Round 3:

The third round will only take place if IDO projects have any unsold/spare tokens in Round 2. The round is open for everyone and no criteria of staked STR token applies here.

The only criteria the users need to meet is whitelisting criteria.

Note: IDO projects will determine international regulations, KYC, and other sales requirements.

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