Road to Solster Success

Solster will follow the below success path and stick to it even if faced with certain setbacks.

Solster has helped us in making crypto investing and fundraising accessible for everyone. We follow these roadmap for launching the Solster ecosystem. We may experience certain setbacks while developing the whole Solster ecosystem, but our team has a right attitude to stick to the course, no matter what!

Quarter 2 – 2021

  • Use Case and MVP Development

  • Solster Website with MVP Release

  • STR Token Development and Private Sale

Quarter 3 – 2021

  • Solster Launchpad Release

  • STR Token Public Sale on Launchpad

  • Application Acceptance for Launchpad Projects

Quarter 4 – 2021

  • STR Staking Platform

  • New Staking Tiers

  • STR LP Staking Platform

Quarter 1 – 2022

  • STR Lottery Platform

  • Solster Swap Program

  • Solster DEX with User Defined UI

Quarter 2 – 2022

  • Governance Model

  • STR token burning will take effect at the end of the second quarter of 2022

  • Enhancement to DEX

Once we have completed the milestone on the roadmap, we will start expansion.

We plan to build a strong and massive DeFi community to explore the ideas. They’re to improve the existing products and launch new innovative programs as well.

In short, it doesn’t end our project, but we move to the next phase of revolution that shall change the face of decentralized finance platforms that you experience now.

Stay positive! Stay stronger!

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