Solster Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for Crypto Trading. An improved UI/UX DEX platform for projects to list their token launches and investors to trade efficiently.
Solster unveils a fully functional decentralized exchange. It’s forked using project Serum with a custom Solster GUI.
Many serum repository-based hosted frontends allow crypto trading. But Solster supports custom GUI that presents unique features such as
  • Grid manager,
  • Transaction manager,
  • Display of rich data fetched from serum API & others.
The UI and UX of the Solster DEX makes it extremely responsive and dynamic.
Key ingredients utilized for Solster DEX platform:
STR: Solster STR tokens will be the utility tokens fully integrated with the Sol-based DEX platform. It will also benefit buy/burn fees.
Cross-Chain Swaps: It allows the exchange of assets between multiple chains trustlessly.
Order book: An automated decentralized full limit order book.
Solana Integration: It will make the Sol-based Solster DEX fast & efficient.
Users can find their Crypto trading experiences on Solster DEX the same as on the CEX platform when it comes to user-interface. The platform offers the required information and tutorial to start trading. This is beneficial for the first time visiting users in the Serum-based DEX.