Solster Ecosystem Solutions for DeFi

Solster DeFi ecosystem is designed with a mission to change the landscape of the current state of DeFi. Furthermore, it offers convenience for new projects to raise funds and grow immensely.

  1. Informative Launchpad Application: IDO application form will have everything listed on it — competitive price, application timeline, defined timescales, and documentation.

  2. Equal Opportunity for IDO Investment: We offer healthy opportunities to private and public sales investors by limiting the investment cap. It’s undertaken in a fair approach to purchase IDO tokens.

  3. Optimistic Growth: Limited number of IDO token allocation to individual and calculated locking period will helps to control the token supply in market and protect the investor’s investment for long term.

  4. Guaranteed Allocation to All Participants: The hallmark of the Solster Launchpad is a two-round system that makes every tier level guaranteed token allocation.

  5. Reward all Solster Token Holders: Solster has found a solution to incentivize and reward all token holders in a way that is inclusive and with a low barrier to entry.

  6. Easy Token Sale: Advanced IDO token helps participants save time and respect their contribution. It’s too close to automate.

  7. Customer Support: We believe that amazing customer service is what makes a business shine. Streamlined support with defined timescales. We offer 24*7 by chats and online ticketing system.

  8. Competitive Platform Fees: The fees will be kept nominal and marginal for IDO launchpad, DEX, swap, lottery, and other competition acts.

  9. DeFi Community Support: To build a well-engaging community for well-planned promotions, giveaways, competition activities, and token staking interest.

  10. Improved DEX UI/UX: Reviews cryptocurrency trader’s feedback for next-generation DEX trading window design. It will gives comfort experience to use trading window.

  11. Restrict Bot Program: Advanced system to prevent or filter the automatic program (bot) to participate in IDO and trading process.

  12. Investment Security: Releasing of IDO raised amount to Projects based on milestone to ensure all the users fund are safe and cannot be misused. Team at Solster will find out the win-win solution for IDO and Investors.

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