IDO Screening Process

Solster deploys an easy and hassle-free screening process for quality projects with a fresh and innovative approach.

Solster considers quality, innovative projects that have a hint of fresh approach. We don’t consider projects lying at the idea stage and have nothing more than a website.

Solster is looking to consider projects that have,

  • Demonstrated their utility,

  • Finalized the concept with a whitepaper,

  • Dedicated team for the development,

  • Marketing & other teams,

  • and their closeness to implementing their ideas with Solster.

Our mission is clear:

  • To support and make launch an easy process for high-end projects.

  • To make everything in a fair and decentralized way for the general public across the globe.

The past experiences of scams have kept us on our toes. We want to ensure Solster only lets the projects get in that have gone through intense screening processes at the application stage.

IDO Screening and diligence process Solster follows is explained in the given flow chart:

  • Apply for IDO

  • Basic Project Information to Apply

    • Project Name o Description

    • Team Members & Information

    • Website

    • Email

    • GitHub

    • Previous Investment Details

    • Contact Number

    • Social Media Profiles (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Discord …etc.)

  • Team will review the submitted details and do their initial research and decide to consider the application or not. It will take three business working days.

  • Team will email about the application status either considered or not.

  • Due Diligence Q&A with the IDO applicant and document verification. Note: It will take one full day. Please brings all the requested documents on table before session start.

  • After review, applicant will be notified for next process or rejection.

  • Next Process: Partner Review. Here, Solster partners will also carry out their own due diligence of the approved project. A Solster partner will prepare a list of criteria to decide if the project applicant is a worthy addition to Solster or not. They would conduct a personal interview with the project team if needs be. If projects are approved— the Solster partners are prioritized to take part in the presale rounds of the project when launched. A launch fee for Solster partner due diligence will be levied by the platform.

  • After review, applicant will be notified for next process or rejection.

  • Governance Voting for Project Launch

  • Approve/Reject

  • Welcome to Solster (If approved)

Benefits of launching with Solster Launchpad:

Complete Broadcasted: Being a decentralized Solster launchpad, the prices for tiers are governed by DAO. We invite everyone in the crypto community to help us democratize fundraising with the high aspiration of the future.

Fair & Unbiased Distribution: Solster launchpad promotes 100% fair & unbiased funds distribution within the projects. The fund distribution is based on simple tiers and the amount of STR tokens they hold.

Sure-Fire Allocation: Our simple tiered system ensures funds get allocated to all the new Solana-based crypto projects. Solster launchpad doesn’t work like traditional launchpads where one comes and clicks the first approach.

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