Solster Swap

A DeFi platform for streamlined access to token Swapping.

Solster uses an easy approach to swap SPL tokens on Solster swap powered by Raydium SDK. Users will be charged a paltry cost of 0.2% trading fee for swapping one token for another of which 0.15% shall be re-deposited into the liquidity pool.

This redeposited amount in the pool will be used as a reward for liquidity providers. 0.05% of it will be sent to the staking pool and act as a reward for staking STR tokens. The swapping is done through the Smart Contract (SC) protocols. The SC protocol fastens and cheapens the entire process.

Raydium Fees structure:

  • Raydium liquidity pool the transaction is charged a 0.25% fee of which:

  • 0.22% is re-deposited into the liquidity pool and acts as a reward for liquidity providers.

  • 0.03% is used to buy RAY and distribute it to the staking pool.

  • When you make a trade or swap that fills through the Serum order book, you pay a transaction fee to Serum only. The default fee starts at 0.22% and decreases based on the amount of SRM held.

  • Network fee: A nominal amount of SOL is also required to process Solana network fees on each trade. Most transactions cost between 0.0001 — 0.001 SOL.

The protocol will generalize all transactions. Here all the target blockchain is proof of work. Also, the target blockchain can simulate the hash of Solana Blockchain for full cross-communication to support Smart Contracts. It should make the entire token swapping process a seamless activity for the DeFi ecosystem.

The existing DeFi projects can access the Solana-based swap platform features & liquidity directly from their native blockchain platform (Solana in this case). It will yield a smooth integration between the current infrastructure and the Solana ecosystem.

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